Sunday, April 25, 2010

Team Read--Volunteers needed

The Team Read program needs volunteers to be available twice a week, for 30 minutes at a time, to tutor children. You can tutor more than one student and make a difference in their lives.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Center, 582-0631.

Tri-Cites Pregnancy Network--Donations Needed

The Tri-Cites Pregnancy Network mission is to reflect the love of Christ by upholding the value of
all human life. They are in need of donations for their ―New Beginnings Thrift Store‖ on 1016 Lee
Blvd. in Richland. (Maternity & baby Clothing, Diapers, Formula, Baby Furniture, Strollers,, any
other baby items.

Contact: : 946-7231

Columbia Industries--Volunteers Needed

In the spring, we will be touching up landscaping and perhaps plant some flowers (we will buy)
and putting in some play ground stuff for the YMCA. So, it either a Eagle Scout looking for a
project or a group project, we could certainly use the help.

Contact Rich Fipple 582-4142, ext. 204

Children's Developmental Center

“Change for a Change for our Babies" will be held in May. What we do is solicit funds for programs for the Children's Developmental Center. We will be at Sun Marts this year, so we will have 10-12 locations which need 3-4 volunteers each for 3 hours on a Thursday morning.

Contact: Jan Hansens @ 509-539-9337

Catholic Family & Child Services--Donations Needed

We could use donations of gently used baby & toddler furniture, equipment & toys & household furnishings to help new foster families & teens. We are also looking for people to provide food for foster parent support group meetings. We also encourage foster families to keep up paper work
by holding a monthly raffle. If anyone has something to contribute, it would wonderful.

Contact: Pam Mewes @ (509) 946-4645

Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery--Donation Needs

Supplies Needed for the Nursery:
•paper plates, cups, toilet paper, paper towels
•4 large storage cabinets with shelves
•Cookie sheets, punch bowl,
•HP ink cartridges:21,22,56,92,93,95,96,97,98
•Toys (inside/outside), books/ games (all ages)
•Clothes for boys/girls -baby-6T & Newborn diapers
•Socks, pajamas and underwear (infant-6ys)
•Cosmetic or toiletry items for parents
•Art supplies, Construction paper, tempura paints all
colors, washable stamp pads, glue sticks,
Contact: Sharon Ghiglione, 509) 374-4902 - Business

Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery--Volunteer Needs

Safe Harbor
Volunteer Opportunities:
•We need: Cookie Bakers (we provide ingredients, to be baked at Safe Harbor.)
•Casserole Makers (same as Cookie Bakers.)
•Cook on Thursday Nights (4:00 to 7:00)
•On-Call Baby Rockers (Thursday from 9:30 to 2:00)
•On-Call Heavy Lifters
•April 30th, need volunteers to form a human chain across the Blue Bridge. The event will take place in the late afternoon so children can participate.
•Community Garden Coordinator. We have about 3/4 of an acre. Responsibilities would be ground prep, rototilling, and water acquisition and planting.

Contact: Sharon Ghiglione, 509) 374-4902 - Business